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Modern Mixtape Vol. 18: Into the Deep


ModMix18CoverMusic Monday!

Who’s in the need of some new tunes? There have been loads of killer album releases over the past several weeks.

This latest mix contains a few songs from the summer that I never got around to publishing, but mostly new tracks that just came out.

I’m loving Wolf Alice, who I recently got to see in San Diego with my friends, Desi and James. They were awesome live, albeit even younger than I’d imagined. All the same, they have a great current take on 90’s alternative. I’m also loving John Mark Nelson, Small Black, Broken Bells — oh who am I kidding? I like them all! I hope you will too. 

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Modern Mixtape Vol. 17: Get to You


180360_ModMix17I lied. I am clearly incapable of posting music quickly. After beating myself up about this, I realized the whole point isn’t to deliver music as fast as possible. Instead, it’s about making well-curated mixes of what I liked and listened to each season. 

‘Get to You’ is heavy on strong female vocals. About half of these songs are new releases, while the others managed to make it through the winter and my editing process to be included. I really wanted to add Florence’s new song, “What Kind of Man” but it just didn’t fit, so be sure to check that out. I hope you like it! 

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Track listing:

Art School // Frankie Cosmos
Star on the Ground // Energy Slime
Julep // Treasureseason
Queen // Perfume Genius
To Die in LA // Lower Dens
Catastrophe // Yumi Zouma
Leaf Off/The Cave // Jose Gonzalez
California Nights // Best Coast
Black Sun // Death Cab for Cutie
Green Sea //Fear of Men
Artifice // SOHN
Trainwreck 1979 // Death from Above 1979
Anything I Do is All Right // Happyness
Pay Attention // Colleen Green
Careful You // TV On the Radio
Bloodlust // Black Honey
Had Ten Dollaz // Cherry Glazerr


Old Story/New Story


My story is all too familiar. These past few weeks have been typical for this time of year — complete mayhem. I suppose some things never change! Nonstop photo editing. Panicking over my lack of gift purchases. Feeling unhealthy because I ate too much over Thanksgiving but am too busy to work out. Fretting over the fact I haven’t done our Christmas cards. Horrific stomach viruses and Croup gone very wrong (see: ER visit). Good times, my friends. All that whining aside, sometimes, nay most times, something good will come out of something bad. Such is the case here…

As I’ve been dealing with a very sick toddler that only wants to be held and nursed 24/7, I’ve been subjected to what I call “forced relaxation.” Seeing as I barely sit down during the day, this is not my forté. So I had to find something to numb the pain of not getting those photos edited and all those gifts purchased. Enter that black box on my wall. Truthfully, I don’t watch a lot of television. I have a tendency to binge watch all my favorite shows, so I had to search around for something new this past week.

Thankfully, I discovered a docu-series on HBO called Sonic Highways. Produced by Dave Grohl, the show follows his band, the Foo Fighters, to 8 musically-renowned cities where they record a song for their latest album in a well-known recording studio. Dave calls it “a love letter to the history of American music.”

“You hear about different cultures around the world trying to preserve their history.  Native Americans hand down stories from generation to generation.  And you have museums all over the world preserving art and culture.  I honestly believe we should be doing the same thing just with music.  That’s what this place is all about.” — Dave Grohl

Isn’t that so true? Music is just as important in defining a culture as art or food, but it doesn’t always seem quite as tangible. Dave does an amazing job of bringing awareness to the way a city has been shaped by it’s musical scene. He draws out all of the best musicians, producers and record labels to hear their stories and evolution as artists. And just as importantly, he focuses on the places in which the music was performed in these 8 musical hubs and how the environment has influenced their music. Each episode unfolds a weaving of American Music History, the same cultural melting pot of different roots that have melded the relationship of people, place and time to create inspiration for generations. It’s truly fascinating. 

While this series technically commemorates the Foo Fighters 20th Anniversary (How is this possible? I remember when the first album came out like it was yesterday! It’s one of my all time favorites…) and showcases them recording a new album, it truly doesn’t matter whether you’re a fan of the band or not. It’s simply a history lesson that all Americans need to learn. But for fans, it’s really interesting to see their creative process. I love that they’re trying to do something different and challenging on this record. I had previewed the new album prior to watching this documentary and wasn’t totally sold on it. But after seeing all that was behind each song and how the lyrics relate to these cities and people, I started to get it.

These are the stories of our country and our people. They transcend race and religion, roots and time. And isn’t that what art is all about? I hope you’ll check it out. It’s truly worth watching. 

Image credit: HBO

Modern Mixtape Vol. 16: Slip Away With Me


180360ModMix16Happy Friday, my friends! This has been a hell of a week. I’m ready for the weekend and hopefully a handful of cocktails, a dinner party, a photo shoot, and going to the theatre to see my best friend in her latest play. How about a soundtrack to go with that and to help drown out this past week?!

I’ve been compiling this mix pretty much since the last one 6 months ago, and frankly that was too long ago. Some of these songs are a little older than I’d like, as I prefer to share new releases. In an effort to keep it current, I removed several but had to keep one that I loved too much.

There are a few surprises on here… namely Coldplay! Normally they’re too mainstream for my taste, but this song is good. I’m also really loving Wolf Alice and Angel Olsen. What can I say? I’m a sucker for strong female vocals. TV On the Radio’s Happy Idiot is a super catchy and solid track; it makes me want to dance every time I hear it. And lastly, there’s the one I had to keep in, Misses, by Girls in Hawaiiwhich reminds me of Elliott Smith. [icon size=”small” style=”none” icon=”heart” ]




Track Listing

Sacco Kerosene

Coldplay Magic

Wye Oak Sick Talk

Angel Olsen Forgiven/Forgotten

Alt-J Every Other Freckle

Wolf Alice Moaning Lisa Smile

FoxyGen Mattress Warehouse

TV On the Radio Happy Idiot

Spoon Inside Out

Stars No One is Lost

Wildcat! Wildcat! Sentimental

The Horrors So Now You Know

The Holidays Voices Drifting

Bear in Heaven Autumn

Interpol Everything is Wrong

Dum Dum Girls Lost Boys and Girls Club

Girls in Hawaii Misses

Bleachers a Who I Want You to Love

Modern Mixtape Vol. 14: She’s Alright


180360ModMix14What a bizarre week! After multiple house guests, a quick trip to LA, followed by a lazy spring break — the kids didn’t want to do school and frankly, neither did I! In fact, I’d like to be permanently outside until summer hits. 

Over the years I’ve found that spring is a great time for new music, which brings me to my latest mix, “She’s Alright.” It’s definitely on the electronic side, but I think you’ll like it all the same. 

Artists include: Phosphorescent, Devendra Banhart, Rhye, Toro y Moi, Autre Ne Veut, Gliss, Junip, Atoms for Peace, Bonobo, Local Natives, Veronica Falls, Gypsy & the Cat, Blackbird Blackbird, Suuns, How to Destroy Angels, The Joy Formidable, and London Grammar. 

Here’s to a better weekend!
(Will someone please have a cocktail for me?)

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