The Bjorklund Family


I met the Bjorklund’s several years ago and Sarah quickly became my go-to for all things homeschooling related. She’s the most dedicated, hands-on, homeschooling mama I know and her kids are proof of that. Considering they lead busy lives, her husband, David, has the most calm and relaxed presence.  As for the kids, I have this philosophy that if you raise children you’d want to hang out with, then other people will too. That’s exactly how I felt with these guys. They were so smart and interesting to talk to! I can only hope my kids turn out as well.

I’ve noticed there’s often one person on each shoot that truly enjoys having their photo taken. In this case, that would be Anna. She’s full of personality and the camera loves her. She has that classic, all-American look and I’d be surprised if she’s not on stage or modeling for Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger in a few years! Then there’s Chris, the budding photographer. He brought his camera and shot photos alongside me. This was a first, for sure! His enthusiasm and inquisitiveness was infectious. Last but not least, there’s Parker. What a little ham he is! He may have some special needs, but boy does he have the greatest sense of humor! He was full of energy, quick wit and definitely kept me on my toes. Collectively, they were such a fun family to spend the afternoon with.


CA Central Coast


May 2011

Have I ever told you how much I love the Sunshine State? Well, I do. It seems to be my third home these days. But the Central Coast… not so much. I never go there! (Okay once or twice when I was in college I drove up to Seattle, but the only thing I remember is smoking out to Mazzy Star and staying in weird motels. Don’t judge.) A few weeks ago, we decided to take Highway 1 from San Francisco to San Luis Obispo before heading home to Las Vegas.

Thankfully this journey was different than my last. I was older, completely lucid, and with my husband and children. Although it was planned at the last minute (homage to 1994!), everything somehow managed to work out. We left San Francisco (future post), stopping as many times as they’d let me (see *Sidenote) and drove until the road closed just after Big Sur. We thought we might have to backtrack, which would have been disheartening given we’d already driven 5 hours straight (minus my insatiable need to stop every 2 minutes for a photo.)

*Sidenote: Ever wonder what it’s like to travel with a photographer? Who wants to go on a road trip with me? My family was ready to leave me with the “other guy” en route with us, who was apparently on the same photo journey as me. Don’t think I wasn’t tempted to hop in his Forerunner and ask my husband to pick me up in San Luis Obispo! Unfortunately, he had a tripod and well, that’s just too high maintenance for me. HA!

Anyway… we got past Lucia around dusk and realized we’d have to take the Nacimiento-Ferguson Road through the Los Padres Mountains, which was basically switchback after switchback all the way up and down the mountains. That is when I stopped taking photos as an attempt to keep car sickness at bay. An hour and half later, beeping the horn around every turn, and a drive through two different military training camps (v. weird), we finally made it out the other side onto the 101. It was one of those drives that we will never forget.  But what was on the other side was equally crazy! More on that later…



Pigeon Point Lighthouse, Pescadero


 The Slammer, Half Moon Bay


 “Prime” real estate.


 Peeking through the trees, grace meets fury.


 Wildflowers, rolling hills and rocks.


The California Riviera?


A quick stop for gas, ice cream and wine at Big Sur General Store.


 Wibbly-wobbly road through the Los Padres Mountains.



I fully believe in taking the scenic route at least one way! It’s important to slow down and take in the beauty that surrounds us.

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Salton Sea


May 2009

Welcome to one of the weirdest destinations on the West Coast… The Salton Sea. Last weekend, we spent a day driving around it. It was one of those places I’d always wanted to go to and now it is one that I hope to never see again. Well, maybe once more.


The Salton Sea is located just south of Palm Springs and just north of the Mexican border. Oddly enough, it is the largest lake in California. But unfortunately, it is also the saltiest, most depressing, deserted place ever.


Although the Salton Sea is an important resource for migrating birds and waterfowl, the lake has become increasingly toxic due to pollution, salinity levels and bacteria. The only fish that have withstood the peculiar water are Tilapia and even they are dying off from deoxygenation and parasites. All along the coast are creepy dead fish with hollowed out eyes.


From the 1920’s through the 1960’s, the Salton Sea was a tourist attraction and water recreation destination. Now, it is anything but.


Isn’t this the perfect setting for a horror movie? Can’t you just envision a bunch of crazed locals hanging out at the “Fireside Lounge?” This was one of the eeriest places of all!


Dotted along the coast are several small beach communities. Each one, a ghost town with abandoned buildings, burnt trailer homes, shells of what once perhaps thrived.


What appears to be sand from a distance is actually broken barnacles, salt encrusted shells, and fish bones.
 I wonder if these two were friends or lovers?


Do you believe?  I’m pretty sure that aliens invaded and took over this entire area.  


I could not wait to get out of there.


From the road and tucked in the safe confines of your car, the Salton Sea looks like a pretty body of water set in the middle of the desert.  But this is a classic case of things are not always what they seem… 


Appearances can be deceiving…  and this place smells like death.