Less is More


Happy New Year, friends! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break. Our trip to England was everything I needed; relaxation, spending time with the family, cooking big meals for everyone and mostly a chance to let go of all of the stress I’d accumulated in the past few months.

Over the holiday, I sat down and made a list of the things I wanted to change in 2013 and I’m proud to say, it’s my least ambitious list to date!

My #1 priority is: do less.

YAY! It has finally dawned on me that I can’t keep up with the pace I’ve been keeping. Homeschool, photography work and maintaining a home and family are like three full-time jobs. Although I was somehow making it work, it wasn’t as satisfying as much as it was exhausting. I don’t want to feel so harried and hurried this year.

As it is, the universe answered my plea in it’s own ironic way with some pretty shocking news just before we left for England. So, even if I wanted to wear my Superwoman cape for another year, I simply couldn’t. I’ll explain more soon. Until then, here are some images I shot in England.

(PS. This blog is 6 years old today!)

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