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Mining Isolation

As a photographer, I’m always on the lookout for unusual settings and new backdrops. When I discovered the historic Ester Gold Camp and Malemute Saloon in Ester, Alaska were now sadly derelict, I felt like I had struck gold! Although I had grown up visiting this special place nearly every summer, I had never seen… Keep Reading

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18 + Life

This session was shot last summer in Fairbanks, Alaska, just as Kassey and Trevor were going into their senior year of high school. Seeing as they both graduated this past week, I figured I’d better share these before they were in college! We had a lot of fun shooting together, as evidenced by the multitude… Keep Reading

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See You Later, Ali-Gator!

My dear friend Ali is due to give birth to her first baby (a boy) in the next week or so. We’ve been friends since junior high and I am blessed to have her in my life after all these years. (You may remember her from these engagement and wedding photos.) Last month, I was… Keep Reading

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