Senior Portraits

From Desert to Downtown


Alicia flew in from Washington state this spring for some senior portraits. In true 180/360 style, we shot in extremes. First, we hit Downtown Las Vegas with all of its gritty, graffiti-ed glory. Then we drove the opposite direction out of town to shoot in a dry lake bed. Regardless of the environment, she was a natural in front of the camera.


18 + Life


This session was shot last summer in Fairbanks, Alaska, just as Kassey and Trevor were going into their senior year of high school. Seeing as they both graduated this past week, I figured I’d better share these before they were in college!

We had a lot of fun shooting together, as evidenced by the multitude of locations we hit. I was also reminded of what it’s like to be young, in love, and about to graduate. I think I’d forgotten (or likely repressed) that special energy of being on the verge of independence. Teenagers can be so intense! Don’t get me wrong, they were game for anything and we had a lot of laughs to balance out the romance. As I drove away, I felt positive that these two have a wonderful future ahead of them.