Red Rock Canyon

The Changeling: Red Rock Canyon in Snow


After weeks of 70 degree weather, blooming trees, and in general what seemed to be Spring — out of nowhere it snowed here in Vegas! Snow in the desert is truly magical. I tried twice this week to drive the loop at Red Rock to take new photos, but both times it was closed. I managed to get some shots outside of the park and will share those another time. But I realize now that I was lucky to get these images from a few years ago…


See me change.

180360_RedRockLasVegasSnow_4I live uptown. I live downtown. I live all around.

180360_RedRockLasVegasSnow_6I’m the air you breathe.

180360_RedRockLasVegasSnow_3I had money.

180360_RedRockLasVegasSnow_8And I had none.


But I’ve never been so broke that I couldn’t leave town.


The friends you greet.


In the sullen street.


On a midnight train.