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Introducing: Scout

180360_ScoutSay what you will about Las Vegas, but no one reinvents themselves more than this city. Not even Madonna! The latest and most exciting changes have been taking place Downtown, specifically East Fremont.

For years, I’ve used this part of my city as an urban location for photo shoots. It was a fantastic wasteland of gritty buildings that magically changed their façade every few months. However, over the past two years, thanks to Oscar Goodman, Tony Hsieh and the Downtown Project, a major revitalization has been underway. Once boarded up buildings are now hip restaurants, shops and bars. The transformation is truly shocking.

I’ve been a little slow to check everything out (see: post-third child) and having to make up for lost time, but honestly, I think it’s hard for anyone to keep up with all of the changes in Las Vegas. That’s why I’m starting this new series called SCOUT. Here, I will post about my favorite places (old + new) in this ever-changing city. Stay tuned…