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Modern Mixtape Vol. 19: Like Right Now

Hello, hello dear friends! I’ve had a few requests for an updated mix, so what the people ask for, the people should get. Right?! I made this compilation for all things Summer 2016 related; road trips, lying on the beach, maybe a casual get-together, or in my case — as something to listen to on a few Trans-Atlantic flights… Keep Reading

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Modern Mixtape Vol. 18: Into the Deep

Music Monday! Who’s in the need of some new tunes? There have been loads of killer album releases over the past several weeks. This latest mix contains a few songs from the summer that I never got around to publishing, but mostly new tracks that just came out. I’m loving Wolf Alice, who I recently… Keep Reading

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Modern Mixtape Vol. 17: Get to You

I lied. I am clearly incapable of posting music quickly. After beating myself up about this, I realized the whole point isn’t to deliver music as fast as possible. Instead, it’s about making well-curated mixes of what I liked and listened to each season.  ‘Get to You’ is heavy on strong female vocals. About half of these songs… Keep Reading

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Old Story/New Story

My story is all too familiar. These past few weeks have been typical for this time of year — complete mayhem. I suppose some things never change! Nonstop photo editing. Panicking over my lack of gift purchases. Feeling unhealthy because I ate too much over Thanksgiving but am too busy to work out. Fretting over the… Keep Reading

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Modern Mixtape Vol. 16: Slip Away With Me

Happy Friday, my friends! This has been a hell of a week. I’m ready for the weekend and hopefully a handful of cocktails, a dinner party, a photo shoot, and going to the theatre to see my best friend in her latest play. How about a soundtrack to go with that and to help drown… Keep Reading

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Modern Mixtape Vol. 15: Don’t touch the ground

 I realize it’s not fair after this much radio silence to pop in with only a mix of music, but it’s all I’ve got right now.  Hopefully I will be able to come back to this space soon. I miss it (and you)! Until then, here are some great tracks for Spring 2014. There’s so… Keep Reading

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