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Scout: Pinball Hall of Fame

2011 Long before the days of Wii, Nintendo, Atari and Sega, children and adults alike amused themselves with a much simpler game, Pinball. From the 1930’s until the 1980’s, these glass-encased boxes could be found across America in restaurants, drugstores, and taverns. Naturally with the onslaught of technology, video and arcade games became the standard… Keep Reading

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Scout: Corn Creek, Nevada

A mere 25 minutes northwest of Las Vegas lies a surprisingly beautiful oasis in the middle of the desert. Corn Creek, was created in 1936 as a protective habitat for the Big Horn sheep population of Southern Nevada. Over time, it became one of the best places to view hundreds of migratory bird species. Surrounded by multiple mountain ranges and a… Keep Reading

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The Changeling: Red Rock Canyon in Snow

After weeks of 70 degree weather, blooming trees, and in general what seemed to be Spring — out of nowhere it snowed here in Vegas! Snow in the desert is truly magical. I tried twice this week to drive the loop at Red Rock to take new photos, but both times it was closed. I… Keep Reading

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Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

At the tail end of our trip to Puerto Rico, we spent one night in Old San Juan. Although it’s known for being a touristy cruise ship port, San Juan’s charming mix of influences (Spanish, Cuban, Italian, and Caribbean) and colonial history easily make up for its short comings. I found it to be a lovely, little town with… Keep Reading

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American Southwest: Horseshoe Bend

I was walking through the mall a few weeks ago and stumbled upon a kiosk of large scale photographic prints. The first image that caught my eye was one of Horseshoe Bend. It’s one of those places that seem completely iconic but also strangely under the radar. I’d only learned of it a year or… Keep Reading

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