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Modern Mixtape Vol. 17: Get to You

I lied. I am clearly incapable of posting music quickly. After beating myself up about this, I realized the whole point isn’t to deliver music as fast as possible. Instead, it’s about making well-curated mixes of what I liked and listened to each season.  ‘Get to You’ is heavy on strong female vocals. About half of these songs… Keep Reading

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Old Story/New Story

My story is all too familiar. These past few weeks have been typical for this time of year — complete mayhem. I suppose some things never change! Nonstop photo editing. Panicking over my lack of gift purchases. Feeling unhealthy because I ate too much over Thanksgiving but am too busy to work out. Fretting over the… Keep Reading

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Modern Mixtape Vol. 16: Slip Away With Me

Happy Friday, my friends! This has been a hell of a week. I’m ready for the weekend and hopefully a handful of cocktails, a dinner party, a photo shoot, and going to the theatre to see my best friend in her latest play. How about a soundtrack to go with that and to help drown… Keep Reading

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Modern Mixtape Vol. 15: Don’t touch the ground

 I realize it’s not fair after this much radio silence to pop in with only a mix of music, but it’s all I’ve got right now.  Hopefully I will be able to come back to this space soon. I miss it (and you)! Until then, here are some great tracks for Spring 2014. There’s so… Keep Reading

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Modern Mixtape Vol. 14: She’s Alright

What a bizarre week! After multiple house guests, a quick trip to LA, followed by a lazy spring break — the kids didn’t want to do school and frankly, neither did I! In fact, I’d like to be permanently outside until summer hits.  Over the years I’ve found that spring is a great time for… Keep Reading

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Modern Mixtape Vol. 13: Love You + Leave You

  Listen on 8Tracks Download [HERE] These past few weeks have been a blur. My heart and schedule have been so full! Even though we’ve had back to back guests during my busiest time of year, I was sorry to say goodbye to the last of our visitors (my sister, et al.) when they left… Keep Reading

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